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Christian began playing the guitar in Canada at age 15 after he stopped by his friend Alex Csiky’s home and heard him playing “Day Tripper” by The Beatles.

Alex had a white Les Paul guitar and he was sitting on the couch with all of us standing around watching. He began to play and the music that emanated from that instrument was astounding. It was the greatest thing I had ever heard. I knew from that point on that music would be an integral part of my life.

Weeks later Christian received his first electric guitar and began to play.

"I was on summer vacation at Alex’s cottage by the lake. He gave me my first acoustic guitar and after a few pointers I began to play. I played nonstop, every chance that I could."

That autumn Christian began formal training. Within 2 years he accepted a job teaching at the Canadian Conservatory of Music. But it was Rock and Roll that was his true passion. He established several bands that placed first in countless Battle Of The Band Competitions. Christian went on to take first place in the Labatts Blue Guitar Wars Competition.

It was during this period that I established my first recording studio with my close friend Julian Grech. We needed a place to record our original music and since we found the recording engineering aspect of music so interesting it made sense to invest in our own equipment.

Christian devoted much of his time to producing and engineering. He developed his skills and was sought after by other bands for his recording and producing talents. He was featured in “Home and Studio Recording Magazine” for his production skills and guitar playing.

With a desire to expand musically Christian enrolled in the Classical Music Program at the University of Windsor. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Classical Guitar and Composition. His studies culminated with a final concert showcasing a major composition for String Orchestra, Choir, Piano and Guitar based on the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

After graduation I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to further my dream of making music.

He established The Control Room Recording Studios with colleague Bill Miller, and immersed himself in the West Coast lifestyle. He discovered yoga and meditation and developed strong spiritual beliefs. He became aware of the power of music and its ability to heal.

Simple and repetitive motions and sounds allow the circuits of the neo-cortex to rest. It brings about healing in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

His music became simpler, deep and rhythmic. The music he created was coined as “Transcendental Instrumental”. His production skills reflected this new awareness and he was nominated for Producer and Recording Engineer of the Year by the West Coast Music Awards Academy. Christian continues to create and produce powerful music from his home on the stunning Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

I am very excited about music. I am excited about life. I intend to share my love and creativity with the World!!!

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